Yesterday was about finishing up the major trails at Smith Mountain Lake that we had skipped. In part, most of these were small ones that just were not part of anything else. So, this time, we made a big loop out of it, approximately 3.7 miles.

We started at the parking lot, made our way through: Turtle Island, Opossum Trot, Lakeview, Tobacco Run, and finished up with Beaver Den. Special Note, coming from Tobacco Run, the trail entrance into Beaver Den Trail was not marked and we actually lost about 1/2 of it. But at that time, we had been out for a few hours and was ready for some Sashimi time.

Looking back, I would actually take this in reverse order, because without a doubt, the crown glory of this entire state park is Turtle Island. I can not stress more how magical, and spiritual it was just feeling the wind and sun there. Keeping in mind that on this trip, the wind was crazy strong.

I could have uploaded tons more video from this area, it was just that beautiful. Check out my other videos on the YouTube for more random water pictures. 🙂

Before tea time, we checked out the Amphitheatre area (it could be reserved). That place actually had such high wind it almost knocked down:

And finally, what was REALLY FUN was going down to the Docks. Because of the wind, the docks were rocking and covered with water.

I think that actually closes the case on this state park and we will be moving onto another one. At least until the spring where we can do some more vacation / long range trips

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