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I had the opportunity to read this book as given to me by the author for an honest review.

Normally vampire romances are stories that are fluffy and full of sexy romance and lots of blood sex.  Yes, they might have a shiny sheen to them or they might be a coven who hunt werewolves.  But we rarely get stories that are like those of ancient tales of Dracula and Vlad the Impaler.

However, Demon’s Blood, by Shari Sakurai is not  your typical vampire romance.  In fact, I would not call this book a romance at all.

Basic Plot:

Taku and Thane are vampires living in England.  A recent even in Japan had them fleeing to England where Taku has opened a night club.  Will they be able to settle down or will their past come back to haunt them?


It is difficult for me to talk about Demon’s Blood and first think about the relationship of Thane and Taku.  This was an incredibly dark novel, more like a horror or gritty drama, rather than a romantic story about relationship development.  So when I think about the characters, love and romance is not the first thing.  For example:

The knife was the first tool he removed from the bag.  The stainless steel glinted in the moonlight as Thane brought it to his victim’s neck.

In fact, this book was very gloomy and the characters were not very sympathetic.  I had a very difficult time liking either of the main characters; I found very little redeeming in either character.  For the better of the world, I was hoping that both of them would be killed.

Strong Points:

  • Great Culture building:  The author does an excellent job of building the background and story of vampires.  This is not a romance world of fuzzy and happy vampires.  These are demons:  dark, evil, and hostile animals.

It was blood, Koji realized with horror, as he felt the first touch across his bare chest.  Ai took her time, carefully painting the kanji Ryoku, meaning power, which was another crest of their clan across his torso whilst murmuring an inaudible incantation.  She used a similar tone to sing the song that soothed her little one to sleep at night; he recalled hearing her one time as he had walked past the Nishimura family home.  Ai had a beautiful voice, as sweet as a songbird, but now Koji could only hear evil in her notes.

The downside of all of this gritty background is that I found I really did not care about any of the characters.


To be honest, this book was not what I normally read.  I tend to like novels that work the romance throughout the book, as we get to know the characters and we see as their romance and relationship develop.  In Demon’s Blood, their relationship is already established and it is never a focus.  The focal point of the novel revolves around the horror of discovery and the fear of letting the animal gain control.  I would not call this book a romance at all, and I am actually disturbed that anyone would consider this a romance.  My opinion might be less harsh if I had realized that this is not truly a romance novel.

If you enjoy dark and gritty suspense, I think you would enjoy this book. Just keep in mind that this is not a glittered up vampire book with a happy ending.  If you enjoy a unique vampire world building with Japanese focused background then you might enjoy this one.


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