This list has several Fandoms, so I will make lists for each Fandom I have been reading.  Note that this is right now mostly M/M, but there are some F/M are sub-plots.  Keep in mind also that some of these are series and you should probably read those in order.



  1. The Student Prince by FayJay
  2. Drastically Redefining Protocol by rageprufrock

Harry Potter:

  1. Life Renovations by Windseeker2305
  2. Harry Potter and the Sentinel Phenomenon by Elyssblair
  3. Paws of Fury by Veritas03
  4. Let Me Be Your Voice by Queenie_Mab
  5. Inter Vivos by Lomonaaeren
  6. Building With Worn-Out Tools by Lomonaaeren
  7. Gold Tinted Spectacles by Beren

Teen Wolf (Sterek):

  1. Cry Havoc by Ladyblahblah
  2. DILF by twentysomething
  3. The Boy and the Beast by Dira Sudis
  4. Rats’ Alley by Auburn
  5. You Don’t See Straight by Annber
  6. By Any Other Name by Entanglednow
  7. Prince Among Wolves by Zimothy
  8. I’ve Lived for These Few Seconds by kyrene
  9. Hey There Little Red by 1lostone
  10. Electricity In Contact by Ladyblahblah
  11. Gravity’s Got Nothing on You by Zosofi
  12. Cross Our Bridges When We Come to Them by RemainNameless
  13. Didn’t See That Coming by Knittersrevolt
  14. Lock All the Doors Behind You by

One Direction (Harry and Louis):

  1. Unknown, Unlabeled, Untitled by Isthatyoularry
  2. Fading by Tothemoonmydear
  3. May You Enjoy Your New Life by aimmyarrowshigh
  4. Anything For A Vote by Louispalooza
  5. The Next Big Thing by PoorMedea
  6. Mute by Troubledpro
  7. Tweethearts by Darkmachinemusings
  8. You’ll Breathe Me In by Loadedgunn

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