Updated: 7-26-14.  Adding Male / Male to this list:

Tried to get this down to 10 and just could not do it.  So we have 12!  One is my favorite:

  1. Inside Out by Lauren Dane
  2. Queers by A.J. Rose
  3. The Truth About Riley by Henrietta Clarke
  4. The River Leith by Leta Blake
  5. When You Dare by Lori Foster
  6. Causing Havoc by Lori Foster
  7. Killjoy by Julie Garwood
  8. Coming Undone by Lauren Dane
  9. Extreme Danger by Shannon McKenna
  10. Rock Me by Cherrie Lynn
  11. Back in Black by Lori Foster
  12. Simon Says by Lori Foster
  13. Unleashed by Cherrie Lynn
  14. Hot Zone by Catherine Mann
  15. Hot Night by Shannon McKenna
  16. Taxes and TARDIS by N.R. Walker

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