We decided to try out this park after having seen the lake from Read Mountain. The Preserve cost $7 dollars to get in, so keep that in mind.

Some trails are harder than others

Using the Map, we started on The Trough, which is labeled very difficult. I admit, there was some huffing and puffing until we got to the fire road of Brushy Mountain Trail. This is some of the best views and you can see McAfee Knob in the distance.

After this road we took Hi-Dee-Hoe, while difficult, was not as hard as the first. This did hurt my feet with the rocks, so be aware. You are going all down hill here.

Down to the lake we took a break. There are a lot of bikers, so beware you will have to give way.

Carvins Cove

The last trail (Lakeside) was pretty easy and you have the sound and views of rushing water. we ran into a little friend:

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