We did this trail system in January, several times one including a bit of snow, which was lovely. It is on top of Read Mountain, so the trail can be quiet rocky at times. We have done this trip twice, once with my mom (age 68) and accidently went 6 miles, as the loops on Altrail and their map are WAY shorter than the actual trip was. On trip 1, we took the Blue (Buzzard Rock Trail) up until we got to the cross of Yellow ( Rocky Way Trail). That Yellow Trail then intersects with Red trail (Crossover trail) that finally merges back onto the Blue trail.

The first try we took the longer loop of the Crossover Trail and the CCC Trail, which was amazing and I greatly advise it perhaps in Fall or Spring. The walk on the CCC feels like an Appalachian trail high over the tops of mountains. But beware, it is a LONG one. The Crossover Trail has a steep, rocky stairway that reminds me of some sort of Lord of the Rings quest.

The second try was without my mum, and we took the Blue trail all the way up. That way gave us less rocks, but much more water in the way of crossings and fresh water. We tried out our Sawyer water filter system and I must say, it was delicious!

Once you get to the top, the views are beautiful, which I took the opportunity to relax on the flat rocks.

It does take you a good time to get to the top, if you were in great shape, probably in less time than us, but I imagine that all of the rocky steps would slow down most folks to save your ankles.

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