Good morning!


This is jut a friendly warm wishes to everyone out there for this holiday season.  For me, it is a Merry Christmas, but for whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope it is a good one.

The hubby and I are in  a new place this year, with no traveling to the family.  That has ups and downs to it, no travel (yay!) but that also means no family.  We have been lucky enough that we have made some great new friends here and will be spending time with them.

The short of that means, there might not be a new blog post until after  New Years.  It depends on if I read a book between then and now.  We are also house hunting, so that takes  a bit of the free time as well.  And no work for a week?  That means traveling around the area exploring!

For those of you who read this humble little blog, I thank you.  For those who take the time to write thoughtful comments, they touch me very much.  While I love writing this blog and writing about books, the whole point of this place is to help others.  It is great when I hear that it accomplishes that goal!



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