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Page count: ebooks

Basic Plot:

Dustin has always worked hard and his focus for the past few years he has been all work.  Now that he is ready to get back into the dating world, will he find someone in which to settle down?

Bryce has always been the cute twins who loves to party.  He meets Dustin at a club and the chemistry is hot.  The complication?  They live in different states and live in different worlds.  Can they make it work?


The relationship is pretty tropey.  Older “set in his ways” Top who finds the twink irresistible, but his lifestyle is just not appropriate.  Not much development here.

Strong Points:

I loved the scenes when we had Dusty and Bryce together trying to do “couple’ things.  Certainly the sex scenes were hot.

What Could be Better:

I could not get into this one.  I am not sure if I rushed reading it, or if I was just not in the mood for light.  There was a LOT of sex and very little plot.  I actually started to skim the sex toward the end.


I love reading Jet Mykles novels.  There is just something light-hearted and carefree about them.  But this was all sex and very little plot.  We did get some conflict with the personal story, but if you are looking for action, this is not it.  If you want sex, then here you go!


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