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catch_BreathPage count: 350

Basic Plot:

Danny Bright is a young singer trying to make it big in a talent contest.  But rather than just being a solo artist, the producer thinks to turn the top winners into a boy band!  The problem?  They need a fifth to finish it.  Enter Elliot Price.  Elliot is shy and gay, with a huge voice and a look of an angel.

Can Danny and Elliot take their friendship farther?  Or will the world and their band be too much of a road block?


This quote just sums up their relationship quite well:

“Hey, D.  Where do you want to sit?”  Elliot asked.

“Wherever. As long as I’m next to you it doesn’t matter.”

I enjoy their relationship, even if the dialogue is youthful and a bit lovey-dovey for me over a long period of time.  But it is clear through the writing that these guys begin as friends and evolve into lovers and partners.

Strong Points:

  • Side characters : One of the best aspects of this novel is the other band members: Webber Jackson, Tate Ryan, and Reece Beaufort.  These boys demonstrate a strong friendship and bond with our couple, without them this story is not as full.
  •  Music AspectI love a book that has a music aspect.  As a musician through high school and college, I can usually be drawn into the story with great descriptions.  I love the lyrics within Catch My Breath, the story and the behind the scenes portions of the story.

What Could be Better:

  •  Less Angst and More Music:  I love a musician love story.  I seek someone who can write those scenes of onstage performances or in the recording studio and you can just feel the passion of the music.  Books like the Conquest Series by S.J. Frost and Blue Notes by Shira Anthony are the best I have read.


This is a good book and worth it.  I had a great time snuggling under the covers with this angst ridden love-fest.  If you like to read about young love (and still hot sex), then this book is for you.  With less angst (and better lawyers) I would have given it a 4, but part of the length of the novel was a waste with ridiculous miscommunication and lack of faith.

The funny thing is that this book reminds me of the Sterek fan-fiction for Teen Wolf (the actors rather than the characters of Derek and Stiles).  If you have Tumblr, you will see how every twitter fan-girl can take a look at a picture and see if Tyler or Dylan sit closer together it means love, and if someone is between them, then the publicists are trying to keep them out of the press.

Overall, this is an enjoyable book. If you like the other books by this author, then you will like this one.


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