I came up with a new idea for the blog:  a quickie!

Sometimes, you’re in the mood for a quick read: a novella or short-story.  But just because the story is short, it should not suffer for quality.  There are some things, like a fleshed out back story or an in-depth world building that an author just can not expect to create simply because of lack of time.  But there are still plenty of opportunities for a great story.  Typically, a full length novel is 100,000 words (400 pages), and a novella is less than 50,000 (200 pages).

The question then is:  what is considered a “good quickie”?

Well for me, I still want to have a bit of character development even if the page length is short.  The key is to be concise.  We don’t have the time to have  Stephen King descriptions, but the environmental descriptions must get the point across and move along.  The conversations?  No rambling, but rather a compressed conversation that is both entertaining and moves the plot along.  The sex scenes?  Not frivolous, but the scene helps move the plot forward rather than just taking up space.  The conflict?  Needs to be not forgettable, but drives the story to the conclusion with energy.

By the end of the story, I should be satisfied, not wishing that the author had taken another 40,000 words to develop the story and relationship.  So, when you see the tag of “Quickie” you know that these are going to be shorter length reviews and the stories will be a quick read too.



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