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Acceleration is book two in the Impulse series by Amelia C. Gormley.  Because in so many ways it is a continuation of book one, I will reference details of personality and theme to my review for Inertia.

Full Disclosure:

The novel, Acceleration, by Amelia C. Gormley was supplied for review by the author.  While it should be obvious to say, this is a honest review and I was not influenced by any action of the author.  Acceleration is the second novel in the Impulse series by Amelia C. Gormley in which I have read.

Basic Plot:

The romance between Derrick and Gavin continuous to unfold, as they deal with their relationship and how their pasts influence their future.

Derrick Chance:

Everything I noted about Derrick in my previous review remains the same.  In Acceleration, we see his anxiety attacks increase and he struggles to find his identity within his relationship with Gavin.  Within his entire adult life felt out of control: dealing with his sexuality, his parents’ deaths, his relationship with his high school girlfriend, and his grandparents failing health.  All of these things were out of his control, and so he attempted to control everything else around him.  Now, he is in a new relationship and so much remains out of control.  Their falling into a BDSM lifestyle also seems to work well with their personalities and helps him understand his own strengths and weaknesses.

A solicitous urge welled up within Derrick, honed by years spent taking care of others.  And urge to comfort, to reassure, to solve all the problems and make all the doubts go away.  It left him no room to question himself.  Within that role, he knew exactly who he was.

So, in book two, we find Derrick finally finding out who he is instead of pushing his own needs subservient to his quest to help others.

Gavin Hayes:

Again, what I wrote about Gavin in my previous review continues.  Within Acceleration, we see Gavin attempt to get Derrick to open up emotionally and his Dominant sexual tendencies emerge. He still struggles to overcome the damage his previous lover, Lukas, did to his psych as well as his health with the threat of possible HIV infection.  This aspect will become the focus in book three, Velocity.

Theme Summary:

Again, my discussion of the theme can be found within the previous review.  In book two, we find their relationship accelerating.  I am also pleased that my hypothesis that this was the beginning of a BDSM relationship was true.

He let himself fall into the heady fear and loss of volition.  He let himself be overcome.  Between the kitchen and the bedroom, something had shifted between them.  Somehow he knew he was in Gavin’s hands now, and he was glad for it.  It kept him from getting anxious, from thinking too much.  All he had to do was feel, let Gavin guide him.  It felt risky, yes, and inexplicably right.  Gavin had, in some incomprehensible way, become both dangerous and the only thing that made Derrick feel safe.

The title of the first novel is Impulse, the antithesis of this and can be expanded into the theme.  So often in life our environment, family, friends, and experiences bind us.  This lack of “movement” is a roadblock to change and personal growth.  In Inertia  we saw the illustration of what motivates individuals and a couple to drive forward in life together and in Acceleration we find the momentum increased as they move toward each other and away from their old ways.

Strong Points:

As with the writing of book 1, I found the dialogue exciting and provoking.  One of my litmus tests of a quality read is if I find memorable quotes.  In this book, I found many, so many that I could not place them all within this review.  I found within Acceleration a strong theme that Gormley continues throughout the series.  I especially enjoy how Derrick’s struggles are examined and evolve, just like in real life, simply falling in love does not solve all of your problems.

I also really enjoyed  the BDSM aspect of their sexual relationship.  It was pleasing to see the evolution, much like it would in any couple as they learn to trust each other.  There were also a few humiliation play scenes that were very hot, which is not often seen in many romance books. Note that, I did not feel it was extreme and it felt like it advanced their relationship and was not just an excuse for kinky sex.

What could be better?

This is book two in a three book series and I found that it suffered from the same issues that the Star Wars Trilogy or Lord of the Rings faced.  In a typical book, you have the initial exciting meeting, then the conflict (internal or external), the climax, and finally the resolution and conclusion of the storyline.  But, when the centralized theme is carried throughout three books, the middle book has less action and the focus is on that internal conflict with no resolution.  This middle act often focuses on internal turmoil and with no real action it becomes a slow read.  Perhaps the author tried to make up for this lack of action by increasing the number of sex scenes.  However, I found the amount of sex scenes a little overwhelming and skimmed those toward the end.

I know that the author had a good reason for breaking up these two books, but I rather think I would have preferred combining the two and cutting out about 1/3 of the sex scenes.  Playing the devil’s advocate here, I also read many books in between the two, so I would recommend reading the first two books of this series back to back.


Acceleration, book two in the Impulse series by Amelia C. Gormley is a well written book that explores the emotional journey of two emotionally injured men.  The book delves into a budding sexual relationship exploring BDSM.  I look forward to reading the final book in the series, Velocity to find the conclusion of this emotionally charged series.


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