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Full Disclosure:

The novel, Inertia, by Amelia C. Gormley was supplied for review by the author.  While it should be obvious to say, this is a honest review and I was not influenced by any action of the author.

Inertia is the first novel  by Amelia C. Gormley in which I have read.  There is always a level of excitement when I discover a new author; I never know what the writing quality and style will be.  In this case,  I was very pleased with the results.

Basic Plot:

Derrick Chance is a handy man whose life is in a rut after a period of  caring for his ailing family members.  Now on his own, Derrick focuses on his growing business.  After taking a job, Derrick finds his new customer, Gavin attractive and marvels at his flirtation. But there seems to be a shadow surrounding Gavin and Derrick wonders if the man is serious regarding his intentions.  As their relationship unfolds, can their differences be overcome and a relationship built?

Derrick Chance:

This novel is set in first person from Derrick’s perspective.  I usually dislike this style, the lack of perspective from the other protagonist leaves obscuration.  Now that Derrick is again on his own he drifts without purpose, but afraid of making any changes.

“Not sure I see the point of changing things just for sake of changing them.  I’m self-employed, and I have to pay for my own retirement and health and contractor’s insurance.  If I get injured on the job, I could end up unable to work.  The fact that this place isn’t mortgaged and that I don’t spend money on things I don’t need gives me a lot of security.”

His self-effacing humor is intriguing, his loyalty and quietness is compelling.

Gavin Hayes:

We see Gavin only through Derrick’s eyes, so it is difficult to see his viewpoint.  In other novels, I get frustrated with this limitation, and this boundary is often influenced by his bias.  Yet, this fractured perspective often provides the conflict of the storyline.  Remember the word assumption?  It makes an ass out of you and me?

In Inertia, I liked how mysterious Gavin was.  The author brilliantly painted the picture of him, with suspenseful purpose.  It added tension to the story and every instance there was a scene between Derrick and Gavin I was entranced, wondering what minute insight would develop .  His background is complicated and we are seduced slowly.

As he met Mr. Hayes’ eyes behind narrow, dark-rimmed glasses, something a little wicked and self-satisfied twinkled in them.  Derrick wondered if Mr. Hayes knew he’d thrown Derrick off his stride, and if he was pleased with himself for doing it.

This little scene illustrates how Gavin slowly brings Derrick out from his self-induced emotional sequester.  I love this character for his giving nature, a character sketch that is slowly presented.  This is the progress of the theme.

Theme Summary:

I found the theme as I described Derrick.  The series is about movement; take the name of the series, Impulse.  It can be defined as a”moving force, ”  “sudden desire”, or “pulse of electrical energy.”  In all of these cases it results in action.   The title of the novel is “Inertia”, the antithesis of this and can be expanded into the theme.  So often in life our environment, family, friends, and experiences bind us.  This lack of “movement” is a roadblock to change and personal growth.  In Inertia  we see the illustration of what motivates individuals and a couple to drive forward in life together.

“For a short time as a young woman, I had something beautiful and precious and thrilling.  Something I would never have in quite the same way again.  Something which taught me who I was.  Whatever happened after, even the loss, my life would be less if I had not had that.  On the day I die, my only regret would be if I hadn’t had it.  If I had been too much a coward to take it while I had the chance.”

Such powerful words, ones, which I think everyone can relate and be motivated.

Strong Points:

I found the writing to be of the highest quality.  There were many passages that I highlighted; in fact I had difficulty limiting my favorite quotes for this review.

“Guess I don’t.  Look,” he said haltingly as he tried to form his racing thoughts into words that would actually be intelligible when he spoke them.  “You know, it’s been awhile.  And I don’t really know what I should do here.  What you need.”

There were moments within the dialogue that could range from great drama to light humor.

The second aspect of enjoyment may or may not have been intended by author.  This is book 1 in the Impulse Series, only the beginning of Derrick and Gavin’s relationship.  I found refreshing the hints of a Dominant/submissive behavior between the men sexually.  Derrick demonstrated many submissive characteristics and behaviors; which Gavin notices these responses and he is excited by the display.

It was both terrifying and sublime.  Derrick’s Adam’s apple bobbed as it occurred to him that he wouldn’t mind if Gavin did push him.

“That’s very good to know,” Gavin murmured, his grip relaxed once more.  He looked both satisfied and predatory as Derrick opened his eyes again.  “Keep going.”

Again, I am uncertain if it was intended, but it was subtle and intriguing how a relationship can blossom and evolve as the two partners begin to trust each other.  They become comfortable to explore their sexuality and this is just the beginning of their growth.

Finally, I liked the focus on the emotion and romance, not just the hot sexy-time.  The first sex scene is not until close to 50%, and even then it is a make-out scene.  But the emotions are so raw and powerful; it is hotter than many other graphic sex scenes I have found in other novels.

What could be better?

Quite frankly, there is very little that I would change about this book.  As mentioned before, I usually dislike only one-perspective novels.  I think that it works in this case, but I do still wish I could get more of a Gavin perspective.  I also usually don’t like books whose romance story bleeds into a second book.  We will have to see about the second book, Accelerationbut I do not anticipate any problems.

Amazing to say, but Amelia Gormley actually takes these normal complaints and makes it work for Inertia.


This was the first book that I read by Amelia Gormley, but certainly it will not be the last.  The story was relationship focused, so no big action scenes.  The suspense came as we discover the secrets of Gavin and then the blossoming relationship.  I debated on if I should give this a 4 or 5 star review.  It is very hard for me to give a book a 5 star, usually there is something that I find distracting.  But in Inertia, I found nothing that I would have improved.  It was a simple love story with a complex relationship.

If you are looking for a story that has heart, heat, and humor then try Inertia by Amelia Gormley.  I have put this author on my auto-buy list and can’t wait to read the next book in the series, Acceleration.

Well worth the read!


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