This series is labeled “Florida Books”, and is set with a ring of friends/acquaintances in Florida.  The author, K.A. Mitchell’s strength is by illustrating emotional connections between people often we would never compatible yet in the end we see that it is a perfect match.  What we get in this series is a little bit of action, a whole lot of steamy sex, and a great deal of emotion.


The basic world

We start in Orlando. Florida, but really the series centralizes in Jacksonville.  This world also has a strong focus on medicine; most books deal with someone in the medical field, either a paramedic, doctor, or sports trainer.



This is probably my favorite series that K.A. Mitchell has created.  What I like is that we have a variety of personality types, and while we might have some stereotypical on the surface (think Joey), what we learn is that not everything is as it seems on the surface.

What makes this series (and the author) so good in my opinion is that K.A. Mitchell takes these stereotypes, embraces them and then gives us much more depth of character than many other romance authors.

I will say that I did not read the first book, but jumped into the second one.  So if you read the first book and did not like it, give the second one a whirl before giving up on the series.


The Books:  I think it is advisable to read this in order, but it is not necessary.  Also note that there are some short stories/novellas in between some of these books, but I have not read those to make any determination.



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