I found this book through Goodreads when I was looking for a new series to start this week.  The concept behind the series seemed interesting and intriguing enough.  I read the sample and was hooked to read the book.


Basic Plot:

Basic plot is that Kira Locke (working in a medical lab company called NewLife Technology) finds something suspicious in the lab, steals it and gets caught while running away.  Enter our Alpha stud Jaxon Law who rescues her but unveils his wolfy traits in her defense.  He takes her back to the compound and high jinx ensues when they realize that her problems are related to his Alpha Pack top-secret team.  Will their budding love survive the dangers and threats the team faces?



Basically Jaxon and his Navy SEAL team five years ago were attacked and a good deal of his team members were turned into werewolves and the rest were killed.  6 months ago the new Alpha Pack was betrayed and Jax was left crippled and his team nearly wiped out.  Now he has a new team leader, Nick, and new team members.  Enter our hot lab assistant, Kira and we see how a human tries to fit into this paranormal world.

There are other creatures, like Necromancers, Seelies (Fairies), other shape shifters, and a gremlin.  I imagine that we will get to explore this entire world throughout the series and not just the Alpha Pack.


Female Lead:

We begin the book watching as Kira Locke is “liberating” data and samples from her workplace to research what she suspects is something unethical.  We instantly can tell that this is a woman who is passionate and courageous, even when faced with danger and handcuffs.  Throughout the book we are shown how “Pollyanna” she is, always seeing the best in people, and reaching individuals that others just could not reach.

I imagine that all of us have some naïveté within ourselves that we can identify within Kira.  A quote from our heroine:

“That’s not fair!  What kind of monsters are you all to play judge and jury over creatures that aren’t even human?  They can’t possibly understand what’s happening to them!  They’re probably confused and frightened!”

What I found a bit limiting on this character was her ability to bounce into the relationship and the paranormal world so quickly.  It seemed to me that she and Jax did jump into bed rather hurriedly, but that is typical in “Alpha wolf” type of romances where the male finds his mate and they have unbridled passion.


Male Lead:

Our first introduction to Jax is our flash back to how his team was attacked and betrayed.  We see a man who is afraid to trust in women, but also in love.  He finds Kira alluring and he itches to be with her.  They jump pretty quickly into bed with each other, but then we spend time while they torture each other (and us) while they decide if they will fight fate.  Kira describes him:

His spiky black hair seemed to defy gravity, somehow arranging itself into an artfully messy style that reminded her of tangled sheets.  Dark brows were arched above a prominent nose and full mouth with lush lips.  His ears each bore a piercing of a shiny black stud.  His jaw was strong, dusky with a five o’clock shadow, and a soul patch graced his chin.  Normally she preferred men without facial hair, but on this guy? It fit him.

No, not pretty at all.

Raw. Stunning. Untamed.

He is the typical Alpha male aggressive type, one that fights to with all other males who look and touch “his female”.  This does get old after a few times.


Theme Summary:

Other than the theme of rebirth (as we see Jax’s faith rebirth with his love of Kira), I find another deeper theme.  Carpe Diem, because no matter how much you might want to change things in the past it will never be improved.  A quote from our male lead:

“Because the perfect moment can never be improved, and should be remembered, cherished, just the way it was.  Like every moment I spend in your arms.”

Imagine then a moment in your own life when at the time you thought something was going to happen a certain way and instead something else happened.  It was not the way planned, but looking back it was so perfect?

My husband had this elaborate plan to propose to me when I flew up to see him.  There was a local lake and a park; he was going to propose as the sun was setting.  It all sounded very beautiful and romantic.

But after I arrived off the plane, all I wanted to do was spend time with him and snuggle.  So, what we ended up having a romantic dinner in his apartment while he proposed.  And what I remember is feeling so loved and so cherished while he proposed and Elton John’s “Someone Saved My Life Tonight,” playing in the background.  Was it the planned event? No, but the memory is one of perfection I would not change.


Strong Points:

The strong points I found within this book were the sense of humor of our team members.  For example, after Jax has done something Alpha male and she replies tartly:

“Well, that was fun,” She said stiffly, glaring at Jax.  “Next time why don’t you hike your leg on me like I’m a friggin tree?”

I really enjoyed the secondary characters and I found myself sometimes interested in their plot points more than the actual main two characters of Jaxon and Kira.


What could be better?

This book is not perfect; there were serious problems that I still struggle.  For example, at one point we find out that Kira must mate with Jaxon or something dire would happen.  I truly hate when some sort of plot device (usually in the paranormal romance) forces our female lead to sleep and mate with our hero or he dies.  It seems like such a tropey and lazy plot device.  Could we not think of something better?


Another problem was the end of the book, and so not to spoil anything I will not go into details.  However, his boss basically gives Jaxon trouble for a decision that I cannot even believe is questioned.


Also, I found myself interested more in the secondary players like the Seelie and the Necromancer more than our main characters, which is not a good sign.



This is the first novel I have read by this author.  My judgment is still out on both the book and the author.  I think I enjoyed the book, but my two problems with the story telling goes so deep that I am not sure if I will read another in the series.  But on the other hand, I am still thinking about this book after I have read it, so there must be something to it.  It is an easy read and you will enjoy the camaraderie of the Alpha Team.




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