I read many romance novels from paranormal to contemporary; they often can be the same thing, just different environment.  For example, wolves, vampires, war heroes, and millionaires are often the typical male.  For all of these of course they are the tortured Alpha males.  But Lori Foster has had a unique series is SBC Fighters Series.  I have already reviewed one series, Men who Walk the Edge of Honor.  This fighter series is actually the only series that I know of that surrounds the world of competitive fighting.

The basic world

This series follows the world of the fighter, which is something that we rarely see.  I enjoyed getting to understand the discipline involved in staying in condition.   We learn about the Supreme Battle Challenge (SBC) and start the series with Dean AKA Havoc.

“Supreme Battle Challenge.  It’s a combat sport with a variety of disciplines like jiu-jitsu, judo, karate, boxing, kickboxing, or wrestling—usually a combination of all of those”.

Usually there is a mystery that goes in hand with the series, not just a bunch of guys strutting around.  What I like about this series is that these Alpha men are more than just big hunks of muscles, but they have issues and depth that makes the reader invests the time.

I enjoy this series, but I do have a few caveats.  I have not read the entire series, in fact, I can only vouch for the following: Causing Havoc, Simon Says, and Back in Black.   It also seems to be a series that is not on the front burner for Ms. Foster, so do not expect any further installments.  Also, based on the reviews, My Man Michael is not really set in the SBC setting, but in a science fiction.  This jump the shark installment might not be to everyone’s taste, I am not sure I will pick it up myself.  However, overall, this is a great series.

The Books: These do not have to be read in order

  • Causing Havoc (February 2007): Main Characters Dean (Havoc) and Eve
  • Simon Says (August 2007): Main Characters Simon (Sublime) and Dakota
  • Hard to Handle (February 2008): Main Characters Harley Handleman and Anastasia Kelley
  • My Man, Michael (February 2009): Main Characters Michael (Mallet) Manchester and Kayli Raine
  • Back in Black (February 2010): Main Characters Drew Black and Gillian Noode

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