I had heard about Lori Foster for years, but my recent interest has been more paranormal than contemporary romance.  But I fell in love with the Fighter Series (I will review those later) and they led me to this series, the Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor.  That’s a mouthful, so for the simplicity of review, I will just call this series the Mercenaries Series.

I’ll be honest I love the Alpha male. I truly love the dominant kick-ass warrior who can save the day, but in those private moments can be selfless and loving to his partner.  Lori Foster writes in her forward about these men:

 When it comes to rescuing the innocent, they do what has to be done, however it has to be done.

These guys are definitely my type of male.


The World:

First off, this series is fairly new, so some backstory we just don’t know yet, but the gist is that these men work as mercenaries within the United States.  They are often asked to rescue hostages, find kidnap victims, etc.  What makes them “edge of honor” is that they are not working in an official capacity such as solider or cop, so when they kill a bad guy they’re well, killing a bad guy.

I’ll be honest; I have no problem with Dare or anyone else killing a kidnapper or drug dealer.  But, if vigilante justice is a problem for you, then this series might not be best for you.  Any act of violence within these books are justified, though, there is no random, “oh yeah, that bum over there looks like no one will notice if I kill him off.”  These men, in my opinion have a great sense of honor and respect for life.

What I like in Ms. Foster’s books is her writing style.  She is very expressive both in the environment descriptions as well as the characters.  We often are in both point of views and we get a better understanding for any internal struggle of either the hero or heroine.


I have read some reviews that said they liked books two and three better than the first.  I think that, the intensity of book two is much higher than the first, so expect that these books will become a bit grittier and lines less black and white than your typical romance book.  But that’s what I like about this series, life is rarely black and white; most of us operate to some degree in shades of grey.

In any case, I enjoy all of these books and I would recommend this series.


The Books:  I advise reading these in order, but it is not vital that you do so.

  • When You Dare (2010) Main Characters: Dare and Molly
  • Trace of Fever (2011) Main Characters: Trace and Priss
  • Savor the Danger (2011) Main Characters: Jackson and Alani

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