I found this series when I was trolling on a book review webpage and there was an interview with the author, Terry Spear.  I love finding new authors and new series this way, it’s a bit like Christmas when you see that there are 8 or 10 books that you can catch up reading.  I was a bit skeptical at first when I found the series because I think werewolves in paranormal romance has almost been done to death.  At this juncture I’ve read most and they all seem to be appropriating from each other the lore.  You know story, “Grrrr I’m furry and animalistic and make mad hot monkey love!”  This series represents the genre satisfactorily and realistically, if not flawlessly.

The basic world

Werewolves are an unknown society that calls them lupus garous; they have concealed in plain sight for centuries.  There are several lines (Gray, Red, and White) that we seen in various books of the series.  What I like about this lore is that there is a mixture of pureblood (royal) lupus garous, but there are also those who are bitten.  This gives the author some room for variety in her plot lines and books.  Ms. Spear does a good job of not throwing out everything in one book, but we see facets of the society in one and others are introduced in later stories.  Another aspect I like about this series is the realism of the change.  I hate when authors use “magic” as the answer to any plot hole.  This series makes the werewolves actually strip before changing, this is a minute detail but it helped to pull me into the story quicker.

I’ll be honest; I couldn’t finish the first book.  I don’t know if it was the writing style, the plot, or the characters, but after I bought it I almost called it quits.  But I went back to the Ms. Spear’s webpage and found the second book, Destiny of the Wolf, and loved it.  I would honestly, suggest starting there, you don’t miss that much of the main lore and you should be able to jump right into the book.

Summary:  It’s not my favorite werewolves series (See authors Feehan and Monroe reviews for my favorites), but it’s a solid read.  These books are stand-alone; there is no series over-arching plot line that runs throughout the books.  It could be a personal preference, but I enjoy serial plotlines of books the best (See Black Dagger Brotherhood for my meaning).  These books are connected though, and you will see familiar people from previous books jumping into other novels.

What Ms. Spears does the best of many that I have read, is the embodiment into the lupus gargus culture the wolf characteristics.  Her insight on pack behavior is remarkable and she incorporates it seamlessly into the human scenes.  We understand how important the pack is and the Alpha leadership, if you have a bad Alpha then their influence can taint the entire pack.  Again, the writing is good, the plotlines solid and intriguing; it is a suggested read.

The Books:  I advise reading these in order, but it is not vital that you do so.

  • Heart of the Wolf (2008) Main Characters: Devlyn and Bella
  • Destiny of the Wolf (2009) Main Characters: Darien and Lelandi
  • To Tempt the Wolf (2009) Main Characters: Hunter and Tessa
  • Legend of the White Wolf (2010) Main Characters:  Cameron and Faith
  • Seduced by the Wolf (2010) Main Characters:  Leidolf and Cassie
  • Wolf Fever (2010) Main Characters:  Ryan and Carol
  • Heart of the Highland Wolf (2011) Main Characters: Ian and Julia

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